Why Choose Keyhole

Track & Measure Campaigns

Measuring campaigns? You can ditch the spreadsheet

  • Effortlessly prove your hashtag campaign's digital impact
  • Save hours of time with live metrics and data that are always ready to be shared
  • Pre-built, customizable reports that anyone can understand
  • Help your campaign reach more people by optimizing content and posts in real-time
Campaign MonitoringHashtag and Keyword Tracking. Content Marketing.

Brand & Competitor Monitoring

Be the first to know when someone talks about you or your competitors

  • Monitor your brand across social media and the web in one place
  • Learn what your competitors are doing right or wrong directly from their users
  • Connect with the people who love your brand
  • Somebody's not a fan? Keyhole has you covered. We will notify you about any users that post about your brand with negative sentiment right away, so you can reach out
Brand and Competitor MonitoringAccount Tracking and Reporting. Historical Tweets.

Event Insights

We monitor your events in real-time so you don't have to

  • Accurately measure your event's social and digital impact
  • Share your results live through automated, customizable dashboards
  • Capture your event's most memorable moments
  • Consolidate all of your sponsors' earned media in one place
  • Use Keyhole's customizable Media Wall at your event to showcase your event's best user generated content
  • Plus, identify top users and posts during the event in real time to build on the buzz
Event MonitoringHashtag Analytics and Social Media Monitoring

Measure Influencers

Working with influencers? Tracking their impact has never been easier

  • Monitor your influencers' accounts and posts and track their impact
  • See and compare live post and engagement metrics from one dashboard
  • Easily find and connect with relevant, high-engagement influencers
  • Built-in Influencer Management Platform allows brands to track high volumes of influencers from one place
  • Request permission right from the platform
Influencer MarketingTrack and measure the reach and engagement of your influencers

Market Research

Do you know what your customers want?

  • Identify what customers really want by analysing trends in their conversations
  • Build the products your customers are talking about and asking for
  • Use our Trending Topics tool to anticipate and predict upcoming trends in your industry
Market ResearchFacebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter Analytics

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